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Zenbev has completely changed my quality of life.  The sleeping problems I have always had became worse with age.  I used to resent being awake and wasting 4 or 5 hours every night while my brain worked overtime with racing uncontrollable thoughts.  Sometimes I was nowhere near sleep for the whole night. After such poor nights sleep I was head-achey and exhausted most of the time.

I separately tried alcohol and natural remedies my local health shop suggested, but neither worked consistantly, and I was left feeling groggy in the morning from both!

Now I have discovered Zenbev I drift into a peaceful and restful sleep, wake refreshed and alert, with the result that I am fit and relaxed during the day.  It is not claimed that Zenbev will help you lose weight, but I have actually lost several pounds without dieting during the month I have been taking it as I am full of energy and achieving far more during the day.

I am so delighted that I have found Zenbev

Yours truly.

Molly Norman, UK

First of all, I want to thank you for the quality of service that you have offered to me over the past several months, it has been over and above the norm for customer service.

I have had severe sleep problems for the past two and a half years. I was awake every twenty minutes for almost a year. I am the type of person not to put a lot of medical drugs into my system and declined the use of sleeping pills.

I have tried a lot of other alternative products with little to no effect. When I was at my wits end and was about to give up and be hospitalized for sleep difficulties I was told about the product Zenbev from a wonderful practitioner who works at The Big Carrot in Toronto. I took it thinking that like all the others it would not do anything. Much to my DELIGHT, I began to gradually improve with my sleep. After about nine or ten months of taking Zenbev, I am now sleeping right through until about six in the morning from going to bed at ten p.m. I can't say enough good things about this product. Thank you for a quality of sleep and to my life, that I have not known in years. I feel over all more rested and calmer both during the day and in the evening. This product Zenbev is the only product that I have tried that works with no side effects.

Thanks again, from a very satisfied customer!!


Sherry Ensing, Bradford, Canada

As a department manager for a large international firm I need to ensure that I can operate optimally every day. Over the last year I have been awakening a couple of times a night and thereafter having trouble falling asleep. As one might expect this was wearing me down and my job was not becoming any more unforgiving. I was seriously considering sleep medication, however now there is no need.

Since taking Zenbev regularly I sleep through the night and wake up more refreshed and ready to juggle the demands of my job. Consequently I find myself happier in my personal life as well. Too good to be true ... but it's true!

Lastly, I feel much better about taking something that I find gentle on my body and contains all natural ingredients.

Ed Piotrowski , Toronto, Canada

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate your product, Zenbev. For approximately 5 years I had been having difficulty sleeping. While I had no trouble falling asleep I would wake up around 4:00 in the morning and would not be able to get back to sleep. This would happen about five days a week. I did not take anything for this as I did not want to take anything unless it was all natural. Since I discovered your product my sleep has improved immensely. While I still awaken at approximately 4:00 I return to sleep immediately 80% of the time, or within one half hour the other 20% of the time.

I have been taking the product for 5 months and have I have been able to get back to sleep virtually every night. This certainly has improved my quality of life greatly. My colleagues at work have even commented that I look better and asked me what has changed. The only difference is that I'm finally getting my sleep.

Duane McAfee, Saint John, Canada

Just a note to the people at ZenBev with a huge thank you for your wonderful product. Seven years ago I had a brain tumour, it was sitting directly on my brainstem and the outlook was very bleak. After a 12 hour surgery I came away from this event with several minor health issues, however, thank God, with my life.

The surgery seriously affected my nervous system resulting in severe anxiety attacks. I was put on tranquilizers to control the attacks. It got so bad I was afraid to leave the house without my meds. I was also in the last couple of years becoming somewhat agoraphobic.

Approximately two months ago I was in my local health food store when I overheard a conversation regarding Zenbev and how it can help with anxiety. At the time I was taking 3 to 4 tranquilizers per day. I knew they were addictive and I tried desperately to get off them many times. I always failed.

In desperation I bought the ZenBev. What did I have to lose? Within two days I started feeling calmer than I had in years. By the end of the first week I was down to 1 tranquilizer per day. By the second week I was taking 1/2 per day. By the fourth week I was totally off the meds.

I have not had one anxiety attack since I started on the Zenbev. I am no longer constantly fearful and I have control of my life back. Words cannot express how grateful I am to your product and also to the help and advice from your staff. I am now on a maintenance dose of two tablespoons of Zenbev once per day. This routine seems to keep everything balanced. Again, I thank you.

Heidi K., Durham, Canada

I was curious to find out how Zenbev would deal with my difficulty of waking during the night, tossing and turning, and worrying about all I had to deal with in the coming days. What I have found is that, while I sometimes still wake in the middle of the night, I no longer feel anxious and worried about being awake - instead I feel a sense of relaxation and comfort. When I wake during the night I know it is for a much shorter period of time, that I will go right back to sleep, and I don't even think about all the problems that previously would have kept me awake.

Kerry D., Toronto, Canada

Zenbev was introduced to me by a friend a few months ago. I had been taking 100 g of Trazadone every night for the past 4 years to help with my sleep. I even went to a sleep clinic. The trazadone did help me sleep but it also made me feel very tired and a little depressed the following day. When I started taking the Zenbev I noticed quite a change. Yes, I was still getting up in the middle of the night to go the bathroom, but I was able to get back to sleep. Also, during the day I noticed I had my old energy back, I felt great, the sky was somewhat bluer. Zenbev is great product. I have told and also bought several jars to give to my friends.

Patrick M., Toronto, Canada

Zenbev, what an awesome product! It takes the edge off at night allowing sleep to come easy and awaken feeling fully rested and at the top of your game. Use as needed. It's amazing!"

Karen M., Scarborough, Canada

I had been experiencing months of ongoing sleepless nights. I was falling asleep often during meetings at work, while driving, and everywhere possible. Due to this chronic sleep deprivation I was feeling constantly tired and my ability to function was becoming compromised. I was always exhausted. One day, when commenting on my predicament to one of my co-workers she told me about how she has learned about Zenbev being a natural product that was designed to assist people with sleep problems. The same day I went to the natural health food store and got a container.

It was unbelievable! A heaping teaspoon of Zenbev before bed time was enough for me to get a restful night of sleep. After the first night I thought, maybe it was just a coincidence. After the second and third night I became convinced it was not a coincidence. I continued this way until I finished one container. The best thing I can say that this formula seems to have helped me restore my sleep cycle without becoming dependent on the product because after discontinuing it, I am still able to get a restful night of sleep.

The other wonderful aspect of taking Zenbev is that the following morning, I felt alert, rested, energized and totally refreshed. My mood was also much better. Thank you!

Natalie C., Toronto, Canada

Thank you so much for the Zenbev, your patience, and all the helpful information which turned the problem around! My best Christmas gift this year is being able to sleep again."

Thomas B., Toronto, Canada

I have been taking ZenBev for insomnia and anxiety over the past year and have found that it has really helped me. I suffer from chronic insomnia and experience difficulty falling as well as remaining asleep. When I take ZenBev, it provides a simple and relaxing end of the day that helps me fall asleep and stay that way without and hangover effects the next morning.

I also suffer from anxiety and cannot take benzodiazepines during the day since it leaves me feeling sedated and unable to function in my demanding job as a highschool teacher. Instead, ZenBev takes away my daytime anxiety and replaces it with a sense of relaxation and calmness without any sedation. I feel comfortable, in control and I like that I achieve that effect with a natural product.

Aaron B., Stratford, Canada, August 2004

In following Dr. Hudson's advice and taking the prescribed amount of Zenbev, I am happy to return to a pattern of being able to function normally throughout the day as the result of a restful night of natural sleep. Thank you for your good advice.

Larry C., Welland, Canada

When my busy season hits at work I get very wound up and find it difficult to operate at my best. Zenbev has helped me relax and take it all in stride. It's the real me, only a much calmer version.

Bill T., Burlington, Canada

As a 47 year old female, I have had problems with waking up frequently, often with some night sweats. Since taking Zenbev regularly, I have found that I am waking up less throughout the night, and if I do, get back to sleep after a short time. Overall, I feel more rested in the morning

Nancy R., Stratford, Canada